Martie Samuel



I am in my early 60s and have lead a very wonderful life.  My two children are adults and have their own lives, and I am lucky to be included in their worlds.  I grew up in Wyomissing, graduated from Wyomissing High in '73 and from Penn State  in '76.  I never dreamed that one day I would return to my old stomping grounds.  Life has many twists and turns, many of which are never planned or foreseen.

I have worked for 42 years, 36 of it owning and operating a commercial equestrian business.  Pictured above was the view from my farmhouse kitchen in NJ.  2013 was the year of change which brought me back home.  As I look in the rear view mirror, my life was full of the stressors that we all experience, and at one point that stress carried me to a weight of over 200lbs.  I was unhappy with myself physically, mentally, and spiritually.  As I exited my cardiologist's office, I said to my self you have a choice, to live like your mother, Helene McDonough (who lived until 93 and filled her life with teaching bible study; being a regular at the gym; and giving her children and grand children so much loving kindness and advice) or die like my dad, who suffered from diabetes and heart disease and died before most of his grandchildren could get to know him.

My road back to a healthier lifestyle was fueled by the knowledge that I did have a choice, and my choices determined my wellness.  We are all given the gift of stewarding our bodies.  I remind myself daily that it is a gift. 

The Farmhouse Kitchen is my way of forwarding that gift to others, providing a wonderful place (that has many memories of my life on the farm) where people can enjoy healthy food, in a comfortable farm kitchen atmosphere.  It also provides the opportunity to offer an educational venue where we can offer classes that provide information on all aspects of a health directed lifestyle.

Now as I drive to work, my prayer of gratitude is filled with being thankful for this opportunity and praying for the wisdom necessary to deliver a product that is welcomed and enjoyed by many.  I look forward to meeting you and listening to what you are interested in both eating and learning.  This is your space, and we are here to serve you and this community.