HOURS: Monday thru Friday 7am - 3pm, Saturday & Sunday 8am - 3pm


The Farmhouse Kitchen is a restaurant with more to offer than the usual brunch. With a passionate and collaborative team, an owner’s faithful mission and our dedicated local farmers, small businesses and an awakening community we turn this seemingly small café into an authentic and transparent farm-to-table experience.

The menu is scratch made, farm fresh, seasonally sourced and creatively executed. All ingredients are as promised: non-GMO, as organic as they come, consciously sourced and whole until prepared. The juice – fresh pressed. The coffee – renowned, ethically & locally sourced. The smoothies – eclectic and packed with superfoods.

Beyond the kitchen comes the evening classrooms. These panels consist of near by practitioners and providers who share alternative insight and understanding with the public. In light of raising community awareness these free panels may provide inspiration to help with choices on the path of wellness to good health.

A warm, healthy and open welcome from The Farmhouse Kitchen.