Tracy Sustello

-Kitchen Manager / Director of Private Events & Catering


Courtney Shober

-Education Coordinator / Integrative Health Coach

Certified Integrative Health Coach and Reading, PA native, Courtney Shober is a loving wife, sister, and daughter.  After a decade in the Music Industry, she decided to switch gears and begin a new career in Health & Wellness.  Courtney received her training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City.  Health Coaching combines her love for healthy cooking, the mind/body connection, and her passion for empowering others with the awareness and tools needed to improve their health and overall well-being.  She supports her clients by creating personalized wellness programs based on gradual, realistic food and lifestyle changes.  Using a holistic approach, she guides and encourages them step by step to reach and exceed their health and wellness goals to live happier, more energized lives.  In addition to one-on-one and group coaching, Courtney spreads the health by leading presentations and workshops on Healthy Lifestyle topics around Berks County.  You can also find her helping out at Oak Nut Farm, in Bethel, and its pop-up farmers market stand at Dundore & Heister in Wyomissing on Saturday mornings.  

Some fun facts about Courtney: She likes beets more than anyone I know – the root veggie, not what you tap your toes to when listening to a song.  Though, music still plays a huge part in her life.  She loves listening (and usually singing along) to her vinyl collection, which features just about every genre from Billie Holliday, to the Beatles, to Beck. Her regular yoga practice helps her improve both on and off the mat. Courtney believes that everyone should strive to be a lifelong learner and that everyone has something worthwhile to teach, even if they don’t realize it. Learn more at

Marianna Mello

-Lead Barista


When North met South, the differences were overwhelming, and their relations were worth the while. The outcome? Destined, fond, and quite beautiful. 

An abrupt uprooting brought Marianna from New England to Berks County, where she has discovered an unexpected passion to, "live simply, so others may simply live.” The familiar words of Mother Teresa, whom she had grown to admire in her early adulthood. 

Though much of her family still lives up north, she has taken to this Berks County soil quite well. Backroad night skies, Sunday morning flea markets, new families, kind neighbors, and slow pace living has helped her re-root and blossom. The wide spectrum of arts that are significant in the local communities have been a defining influence. Whether it's seeing her favorite bluegrass bands create crowd-stomping unity; attending backyard festivals of new friends and new family; underground art exhibitions drawing in diversity; or daytrips in search of natural inspiration; Marianna has found joy in all that Pennsylvania has offered. 

At a young age, she discovered a love for serving people. This made connecting with others second nature, especially when it came to good food and better conversation. But, years of selling over-saturated, over-processed, high sugar-content foods had caused a division of dishonesty in her love for people, food, and herself. She has now found a place in Berks County for transparency in real fuel and real knowledge to help guide us towards a greener future on our planet. It is now, at the Farmhouse Kitchen, that she can open-heartedly balance this shadow that had plagued her conscience, waking up every morning knowing that her passion is her profession.

With this new endeavor she intends to further imbue her life with health consciousness, mental constitution, and absolute trust in her intuition. As inspiration and education, The Farmhouse will help with this approach to a healthier lifestyle. She will remember her lessons of forgiveness and acceptance and their necessity to heal past traumas, keeping in mind that sometimes it takes discomfort, trust, and faith to restore balance. Looking forward, she is prepared for new hardships that may offer new lessons from which she can grow and strengthen. 

After reaching second-level Reiki certification, Marianna plans to further her studies in holistic lifestyle approaches. Simply living for the gift of breath and body, she knows that's what she has to work with and work for. Being an avid fan of fashion and culture helped her design her own wooden and bone jewelry, inspiring her Frida-esque style. Morning journaling ties her thoughts together, creating an outlet for mental processing. This is a practice she highly recommends to those in search of peace found in creative solitude. She works towards blending her inner spirit and outer influence, hoping to inspire others to reach higher potentials and self-confidence built on balance, trust, and the power of natural beauty; internal and external.

Staci Focht

-Graphic Designer / Social Media Specialist / Barista


With this new endeavor she intends to further imbue her life with health consciousness, mental constitution, and absolute trust in her intuition. As inspiration and education, The Farmhouse will help with this approach to a healthier lifestyle. She will remember her lessons of forgiveness and acceptance and their necessity to heal past traumas, keeping in mind that sometimes it takes discomfort, trust, and faith to restore balance. Looking forward, she is prepared for new hardships that may offer new lessons from which she can grow and strengthen. 

Jess Kerns

-Kitchen Collaborator / Baking Specialist

Jessica was born and raised in Berks County. After graduating from Reading Central Catholic High School, she attended Alvernia University for 2 years.  After working odd office jobs, she had a son and became a stay at home mom. During this time, her love of cooking only grew as she cooked and baked for her family. Deciding that a part time job would help with bills, she began working in the restaurant industry. 

After working at a few corporate restaurants with very little satisfaction, her desire to work in small, family-run establishments emerged at the top of her list. She began working at Bistro 614 in West Reading and absolutely fell in love with the culture and presence on the avenue.

In 2008, Jessica and her father decided to open the Hard Bean Cafe in Boyertown and had it only for 2 years until Frecon Farms acquired it. She then worked as a baker/barista at Dolce de Zabala in West Reading prior to hearing the news of The Farmhouse Kitchen's arrival. Her passion for working in the kitchen had been suppressed for many years, but that spark finally came back with a new journey ahead of her.  

Jessica's hobbies include cooking, baking, hiking, camping and her thirst for useless trivia. Her desire to bring positive change through the inspiration of health to her home town will culminate at The Farmhouse Kitchen, and she's looking forward to every minute. 

Rachel Doig


Rachel Bio Picture.jpg

Rachel was born and raised in Berks County. A recent graduate of the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, she majored in Communications with minors in English and LGBT&Q Studies. Having developed a love for storytelling and all things visual, Rachel spent most of her time at school writing scripts, designing graphics, taking pictures, and producing her own TV show. With the extra minutes she had during the day, she also worked at the on-campus Starbucks, finding herself surrounded by an inviting atmosphere.

Upon graduation, Rachel felt that her skills were polished, but couldn’t seem to find a job that would be fulfilling enough mentally or spiritually, let alone a job in general. After searching through job after job in Philadelphia, Washington DC, and Pittsburgh, she found a place closer to home than she had expected. Though she hadn’t anticipated continuing her barista career after college, The Farmhouse Kitchen seemed to pop up in her life at the opportune moment, and she is grateful to be able to work alongside other passionate people.

Growing up, Rachel’s parents were one of the biggest influences in her life, encouraging her to eat healthy but also have fun with cooking. When she made the decision to become a vegetarian, she was very careful about making sure she was getting the nutrition she needed. As the last few years of college went by, Rachel struggled with her busy schedule and didn’t take the time to focus on her mental and physical health. Pulling herself out of this spiral downwards has been hard, but determination, positivity, and some caring individuals have put her on a healthy path back up again. It’s important to her to be healthy, too, because you have to help yourself before you can help others!

Rachel is always looking for the next great opportunity to learn, and is currently teaching herself all there is to know about crystal healing as well as pursuing her love for drumming. She knows she will learn a lot about great food and healthy eating here, but would also love to be able to teach these things in the future! Rachel hopes to bring all of her skills to the table at The Farmhouse Kitchen and be helpful in any way that she can. When she’s not tending to her plants and hermit crabs, attending concerts, or nerding out over the latest Marvel movie, Rachel loves to go camping with her family and snuggle up with her beagle, Bella & cat, Charlie.

Alyssa Morales

-Line Cook / Kitchen Collaborator


Alyssa was born and raised in Reading, PA. As early as 7, she found herself in the kitchen whisking pancake mix and scrambled eggs. While doing so she envisioned a studio audience laughing and smiling with her because she was day dreaming of being a Puerto Rican Rachel Ray! Her eyes would forever be set on cooking!

Alyssa graduated from the Pennsylvania College of Technology in Williamsport in May 2017. Her very last internship was the most special to her because she was hired to be a Personal Chef. The objective was to cook meals that were low in sodium, sugar, and fat while using produce from their personal garden and shopping organic as much as possible. Being a Personal Chef is a career goal of hers and this opportunity was the chance to really put things into perspective. It was a wonderful experience, and she couldn’t see it going any other way. Alyssa also participated in helping cater the Kentucky Derby the last four years. Her college offers so many opportunities to gain experience and professional contacts, and she’s so grateful she attended that school.

After graduating, Alyssa was nervous to move back to the area. Her original plan of moving to Tucson, Arizona fell through, and she didn’t believe the local area had many good opportunities. She then stumbled upon an opportunity at The Farmhouse Kitchen.  Being on her own journey of lifestyle changes physically, mentally, and spiritually for the past year, their health conscious concept just seemed like the perfect fit. The passion behind their story and values really stood out, and she knew this was where she was meant to be after all. Seeing results and continuing to make better eating choices, Alyssa knows that working here will expand her horizons in all ways possible. She is so grateful for the opportunity and has never been happier to wake up bright and early.

In her free time, Alyssa loves to sing her heart out, dance, and spend time with her mom, who just moved back in June. She is working on her love for nature by enjoying long adventures on the trails and dabbles in poetry here and there. She has developed an interest in clouds and has an instagram page for other fellow cloud lovers! Please send all the pictures her way! Alyssa emphasizes living in the present and takes every day as an opportunity to improve herself in any way possible!

Beth Simcik

-Server / Host



Born and raised in a Reading family of 6 children, I have always been physically active and interested in being healthy on many levels.  Swimming, gymnastics, basketball, cheerleading, snow and water skiing, and lastly (still!) running. 

Quite ironically, I was a smoker for 27 years! Denial is so powerful! Gratefully, I am smoke-free since 2001! I married my high school sweetheart, Jerry, at age 37, and am blessed to have 2 healthy, kind and responsible children (Bernadette and Charlie) who I absolutely adore and so love watching as their life unfolds. (Can't forget to mention my Goldendoodle, Riley). What a gift to have been a stay at home Mom! 

Did I mention that I LOVE to meet, listen and talk to people! (Thanks Mom)...

Through two different spiritual programs, I began to answer the nudge to more actively and fully participate in my hearts' desire of being healthy with several organizations and practices.

My greatest personal achievement was the Philadelphia Marathon in 2005; followed by Cursillo in 2011.

In 2013 I was introduced to (Shri) yoga by a dear friend, which beautifully provided me with the balance I so needed.

I came to know Joel Moceri through the wonderful running community here and followed the excitement of his new venture through social media.  I knew I HAD to be part of this somehow.

I began as a volunteer, and soon after was asked to join the incredible Farmhouse Kitchen family.

I will end this as I began...


Stop by...see, hear, and taste the Love :)

Abigail Sensenig

-Server / Host


Abigail was born in Providence, Rhode Island and moved to Berks County when she was two years old. She attended Governor Mifflin School District until fourth grade. Her family then moved into the city of Reading, and she began at Reading School District. From then on, her journey of meeting new people and exploring the urban culture has been filled with learning, growth, and most of!

After discovering The Farmhouse Kitchen and reading about their incredible mission and work that they were doing to promote healthy and responsible living, she was instantly intrigued. She came into the restaurant one afternoon with nothing but a smile and a strong desire to be a part of the amazing team they were building and asked if they had any job openings. After a couple hopeful email exchanges and a brief meeting, she was welcomed into the Farmhouse family with open arms!

Living in Centre Park Historic District in Reading, she rides her bike across the bridge to work eager to wash dishes, run food, and share laughs with the awesome people she works with in the kitchen. Abigail is also very into fitness and strength training, so you can often catch her down the road at Gold's Gym getting a workout in after a shift. Yoga and meditation play a big role in how she keeps herself grounded and present. She studies cello, as well as classical and jazz piano, and is very involved in the music program in her school. As she enters her sophomore year at Reading High School, she looks forward to being a part of the Key Club program and taking AP classes. Most importantly though, she looks forward to continuing to build a mindful and fulfilling lifestyle.

Being able to work in such a positive, encouraging and supportive environment has already proven to be beneficial for her overall mindset, and it will definitely continue to be a highlight in her journey through high school and beyond.

Patricia Stillianos

-Kitchen Collaborator / Farmhouse Personality

IMG-1475 (1).jpg

Patty was born and raised in Berks County. She comes from a long line of farm life from apple orchards to livestock. She graduated from Governor Mifflin HS locally and moved to West Reading to work within the community. Bringing business from the VF Outlets to Penn Avenue, Patty has been utilizing her customer service skills for many years. She worked at Reading Hospital for 20 years fully immersing herself in helping the needs of her patients and their families.

In search for a new path, Patty found herself at Go Fish Seafood right here in West Reading. She mastered her knowledge for sustainable seafood and assisted in the catering needs of the business. You would always find Patty going above and beyond to make a difference in the lives of those that walked through their doors!

Never settling for her own happiness her life desired even more, although it has been a very fulfilling one raising her children and grandchildren. She came across The Farmhouse Kitchen and the opportunity to serve a great purpose within the community of fulfilling lives through health, wellness, nutrition, and her amazing, upbeat personality! 

Raunak Doshi

-Dishwasher / Server


Mimi Kolb

-Graphic Designer