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Education Nights, Speakers, and Special Events

THE FARMHOUSE CLASSROOM - a place of discovery and discussion

Courtney Shober, Certified Integrative Health Coach & Farmhouse Kitchen's own Education Coordinator will be facilitating a comprehensive adventure into all topics pertaining to our individual quest towards a healthier lifestyle. It is our intention that the class curriculum will be shaped by YOU.  What are your interests?  What do you want to learn more about?  Let us know!  We will bring together the course content, speakers, and facilitate lively discussion. Our dining room will be transformed to space for learning and teaching.  Come join the conversation.    

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Thursday, September 19th 2019

Join us for an informative presentation by Donna DeSanto Ott, PT DPT MS FMCHS as she discusses how to stay well in an increasingly wireless world? She will cover the the effect of increasing prevalence of technology in our everyday lives like 5G & Smart Meters.

Positive solutions for reducing exposure like diet, exercise & stress management all play a role in optimizing our health, as well as learning to use hardwired devices. We will also learn how to get involved with current legislative and advocacy efforts.

Past Farmhouse Classroom Events:

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Parasites: A Deeper Look at Detoxing

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Join Herbalist Nicholas Kleinsith for the second installment of the detox series. In the second half, we will learn all about parasites - how we get them and what to do about them. They are a fact of life and a big part of some peoples health issues. Find out what species may be living inside you. Participation of the intro class is not a prerequisite of this class all curious parties are welcome!

Please call the cafe at (484) 869-5193 to register for the class.  Space is limited registration is reserved for those who can definitely commit to attending.  

Cost: $35 (can be paid night of the class - credit, check, or cash accepted.)     

OR SAVE $5 by prepaying for your registration HERE!!!

The cafe will be open starting at 5 pm for complimentary snacks and drinks.  Class starts at 6:30.

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Foundations of Herbal Cleansing & Detoxing

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

We live in a toxic world. We are exposed to chemicals, heavy metals, and other toxins on a daily basis. Join Master Herbalist, Nicholas Kleinsmith, of Miach Herbs for a great informative class on how to do proper detoxing.

Learn how our body stores up toxins, and how you can use nature to promote your body's natural filters, making you you cleaner inside and out.

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So You Wanna Juice?!

Tuesday, April 16, 2016

Join us in the #FarmhouseClassroom for a fun & informative juicing workshop & tasting.

Class Agenda:

  • Which kind of juicer is right for you?  We'll demo 3 different kinds and talk about the differences

  • What are the health benefits of juicing? 

  • The importance of quality ingredients (clean, naturally grown, organic, non-GMO) as well as how and where to shop for them

  • Creative recipe ideas

  • Q & A


The Microbiome - Your Gut Brain

March 12 & 18, 2019

More and more discoveries are being made about how important our gut health is to our overall wellness. At this FREE event, led by Henriette Alban, Doctor of Naturopathy at Living in Balance, you will get an introduction into this fascinating ecosystem that exists within the human body.

Topics to be discussed:

- Where is the Microbiome and what are its functions

- Disease patterns lead back to microbial dysfunction

- Connection to the immune system & autoimmune diseases

- External Factors - becoming aware: Agribusiness, conventional food, processed/synthetic non-nutrition

- What to avoid - leave out - eliminate from your pantry

- Nervous system/emotional effects on and through the microbiome

- A short list of what to focus on

***Call the cafe at 484-869-5193 to reserve your spot***.

This will be an intro class with the option to go deeper into more intensive and comprehensive sessions to held in the near future. More details available at the event.

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Changing of Career to Help Others

December 4, 2019

We’re switching up the previously scheduled topic for this date to an evening of storytelling from 3 extraordinary women who shifted their professions to help spread what they learned through their own experiences and positively impact their communities.


Martie Samuel, Owner of The Farmhouse Kitchen

Michelle Jones, RN-BC, ACRN of Co-County Wellness Services

Pamela Ellenberger. Owner of Bent Limb Farm


Recognizing & Minimizing Environmental Toxins

November 7, 2019

We're bombarded constantly by toxins inside and out - the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe, the products and devices we use. At this event, we'll talk about where these toxins come from, how they can affect our health, how to minimize them with different methods and cleaner alternatives.


Michelle Mart, Ph.D., Associate Professor of History, Penn State Berks

Sabrina Fernandez,  Eco-Friendly Cleaning, Inc. and Eco Home + Body Care

Donna DeSanto Ott, PT DPT MS FMCHS

Talking points on the agenda:
- Clean eating & the history of pesticides
- Ways to have a cleaner, greener, less toxic home
- Potential effects and ways to minimize Electro Magnetic Field exposure

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Pain Management

October 16,2018

We'll be discussing different ways to address pain - from occasional aches or injury rehab to chronic issues - with a more natural and integrative approach.  Just like other aspects of our health, our day-to-day choices can make a huge impact on our quality of life;  how we eat, move, and think are determining factors of how we experience pain.  There are many forms of pain relief and in most cases, a single option may not be the best choice.  We'll be talking about alternative pain-relieving strategies that can be used complementary to reduce and even end discomfort.  Some of the topics will include anti-inflammatory foods, herbs & spices, acupuncture, massage and other bodywork, CBD oil, yoga, meditation, other self-care practices.  

 Come to hear great tips and practical info from some local health & wellness professionals:

  • Lisa Kahres, Holistic Nutritional Consultant, Reiki Master, Life Coach, & NLP Practitioner of Bee Fit and Healthy, Wyomissing, PA

  • Owen McPeake, M.Ac., L.Om., of Oley Hills Acupuncture, Oley, PA

    • practitioner of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine licensed through the Pennsylvania State Board of Osteopathic Medicine

  • Nicholas A. Kleinsmith, Master Herbalist, Nutritional Consultant, owner of Miach Herbs, Fleetwood, PA


Immunity & Allergies

September 25, 2018

Come to learn ways to better protect yourself against getting sick and help prevent the body's response to allergens.

We'll have great tips and practical info from some local health & wellness professionals:

 Nicholas A. Kleinsmith, MH (master herbalist), NC (nutritional consultant), owner of Miach Herbs in Fleetwood 

 Kathleen Jones, Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) at The Vitamin Shoppe

Whitney George, Certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant of E3 Health & Wellness

We'll also have samples of our own "The Bee's Knees" health shot and recipes for some other FHK immune-boosting elixirs that you can make at home.

Space is limited to 22 spaces, so please RSVP by calling the café to reserve your spot or message us directly with your name.

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Rethinking Your Plate: Healthy Eating Habits (Round 2)

June 19, 2018

Presented by Courtney Shober, Certified Integrative Health Coach & Education Coordinator at The Farmhouse Kitchen

Cultivating a healthy relationship with food is an important foundation of living a healthier and more energetic life.   

  • A different perspective on Nutrition and Eating

  • Why “diets” don’t work in the long run

  • Tips for better digestion 

  • How to make smarter food choices

  • Strengthening your home-cooking game

  • Integrating other important habits that increase your quality of life.  

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Environmental Awareness Series - Panel 1 - Make A Positive Impact

April 10, 2018

We all know protection of our natural resources is important but we don't always know where to start or how to make a difference.  For this panel, we'll talk about our relationship and responsibility to clean water.  What are some of the main sources of contamination and conservation methods?  What can we do in our own backyards and homes to make a positive impact?   Come learn how to be part of the solution and how improving the condition of the environment can enhance our individual wellness.


Karen Feridun, Berks Gas Truth, founder

Darree Sicher,  United Sludge Free Alliance, founder

Kent Himelright, Watershed Coordinator,

Make a Positive Impact Panel Resource List

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Essential Oils: A Natural Alternative

March 28, 2018

Essential Oils have countless uses and are beneficial to many aspects of well-being.  For this panel, we'll cover all the basics of using essential oils as part of your wellness routine and then go deeper.  Learn about using essential oils in cleaning products to minimizing toxins in your home, aromatherapy for mood enhancement, aiding the body to fight illness with immune support, helping to balance hormones, reducing inflammation and much more.


Brittany Parrish, Feel Good Oils With Brittany

Claire Farrar, Be Essentially Well

Kristen O'Reilly, Bloom + Blossom Collective

Brigitte Dilbeck, Oils to Share

Essential Oils Panel Resource List

Past Farmhouse Classroom Events:

spring clean.jpg

Solutions to Internal and External Disorder

March 22,2018

Decluttering and detoxing have a lot in common.  It's about getting rid of the junk - eliminating the things in your life that aren't useful or beneficial.  Whether cutting down on sugar, opting for an herbal remedy to help cleanse the body or cleaning out your closet, all of these actions are restorative and good for our health.  Learn how internal detoxification and external organization of your environment both have a huge effect on your health.  


Freya Oostingh, Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Individualized Nutritional Counseling, Restart Instructor

Vali G. Heist, Owner of The Clutter Crew & Certified Professional Organizer

Nicholas A. Kleinsmith, MH (Master Herbalist), NC (Nutritional Consultant), owner of Miach Herbs in Fleetwood

Solutions to Internal and External Disorder Panel Resource List

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Clean & Safe Beauty

March 15, 2018

We all have our favorite hair care, makeup and personal care products as part of our beauty routines.

Growing research is supporting the fact that due to the industry's lack of safety standards, the majority of beauty products are typically loaded with ingredients that can be detrimental to our health.  The good news is that there are more natural alternatives available and it's possible to have a beauty regime with little to no harmful chemicals - the ladies on this panel know all about it! 


Tia Mazy & Ariana Miley of Amazyng Style, Sinking Spring - The 1st Eco-Friendly Salon in Berks County

Amy Clauser, Beauty Counter Consultant

Clean & Safe Beauty Resource List

The BeautyCounter Never List

Safety vs. Sourcing Fact Sheet

How to Take Action in the U.S.

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Sustainable Animal Agriculture

February 28, 2018

The third and final instalment of the Farmhouse Classroom's Sustainability Series…

We'll be bringing in some local farmers to talk about working and living in a way that nurtures & preserves ecosystems, utilizes natural resources efficiently, and minimizes negative impacts on the environment.


Pam Ellenberger, Bent Limb Farm (Shoemakersville, PA)

Nevin Mast, Bendy Brook Farm (Oley, PA)

Greg Stricker, Spring Creek Farms (Wernersville, PA)

Sustainable Animal Agriculture Resources & Glossary



Waking Up Your Garden

February 22, 2018

Come learn from one of  the best.  Expert veggie farmer and our resident greens man will be enlightening us on the topic of how best to prepare a sleeping garden for Spring planting.   Come with questions!

With Guest Speaker Pete Halvorson of EatMoGreens (Wernersville, PA)

sustainable farming.jpg

Sustainable Farming

February 21, 2018

Part 2 of The Farmhouse Classroom's Sustainability Series…   Who's growing your food?  What methods are they using?  How do conventional and organic methods differ?  Why is it important?   We'll hold a discussion with some amazing local farmers.  We'll talk about working and living in a way that nurtures & preserves ecosystems, utilizes natural resources efficiently, and minimizes negative impacts on the environment.


Jennifer Schmehl & Sean McDermott, Oak Nut Farm (Bethel, PA)

Erica Bowers Lavdanski, B & H Organic Produce (Morgantown, PA)

George Brittenburg,  Taproot Farm (Shoemakersville, PA)

Sustainable Farming Resource List


Homesteading & Gardening

February 15, 2018

Part 1 of The Farmhouse Classroom's Sustainability Series…

We'll be bringing in some local farmers and gardeners to talk about working and living in a way that nurtures & preserves ecosystems, utilizes natural resources efficiently, and minimizes negative impacts on the environment.

During this class we will discuss:

How to plan for and grow a successful home garden and use your space efficiently, How to utilize and preserve your bounty, Bringing animals into the equation, Beekeeping and the importance of pollinators


Cherise Harper, Mr. Farmer's Daughter, Berks County Chapter Leader, Weston A. Price Foundation

Stacy Keeley, Field and Forest Herbals

Nan Reinert, Chubby Pickle Farm

James Griesemer,  Griesemer Beekeeping

Homesteading & Gardening Resource List


Eater's Digest: The Ins & Outs of Human Digestion

January 30, 2018

Learning about how our body works is an important aspect of obtaining and maintaining optimal health. One system that is often overlooked is our digestive system. During this presentation, we'll discuss the journey food takes from ingestion to evacuation, how our body reacts when we eat, and the communication that occurs between other systems at each part of the digestive process.  We'll gain a better understanding of how and what we eat affects our metabolism, immune system, stress response, and disease risk factors.

Trina C. Ridout, MD, M.Ed. 
Family Medicine resident, Lancaster General Health and Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200)


herbs and spices.jpg

Meet the Healers: Eating to Heal

January 23, 2018

We all know the types of foods to avoid when trying to make healthier eating choices.  We've also heard about the benefits of whole foods and leaning towards a more plant-based style of eating.  For this panel, we'll dig even deeper into nourishing our bodies in accordance with Nature and all it has to offer.  We'll talk about how herbs, spices, and super-nutritious foods can be incorporated into our cooking and eating habits to enhance healing and energetic responses in our bodies.  


Sarita-Linda Rocco, Ayurvedic Practitioner/Master Teacher, E-RYT500, CSYT

Nicholas A. Kleinsmith, MH (master herbalist), NC (nutritional consultant), owner of Miach Herbs in Fleetwood

Kathleen Jones, Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) who you can find at The Vitamin Shoppe in Wyomissing

Eating to Heal Resource List

energy healing.jpg

Meet the Healers: Energy Healing

January 18, 2018

The human body innately has the ability to heal itself if given the opportunity.  Energy work can help to activate this natural healing processes, revitalizing emotional and physical well-being, and returning us to a state of overall wellness. 

During this panel, we will navigate away from symptom-suppressing conventional medicine and investigate into some holistic treatments, therapies, and practices that can further enhance our path to a healthier, more vibrant lifestyle.   

Our Panel will include:

 Susan Drey, Executive Director, The Pennsylvania Center For Intuitive Studies, Reiki, Energy Work, Reconnection, and Reconnection Healing at The Restorative Center

Mark Siegrist, LAC (Licensed Acupuncturist), LOM (Pennsylvania Licensed Practitioner of Oriental Medicine) of The Restorative Center specializes in Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, Oriental Medicine, medical QiGong, Thai massage, certified instructor of Tai Chi Chuan and Wing Chung Kung Fu

Christina Rossi, of Integrative Healing Arts Studio in West Reading is a Licensed & Board Certified Massage Therapist,  Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Taoist Yoga Teacher, Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Aromatherapist, and Master Herbalist. 

Energy Healing Resource List

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Cooking w/ FHK - Farmhouse Food for Thought: Holiday Edition

December 14, 2017

Get a look at the cooking philosophy and techniques of the FHK crew.  High-quality ingredients and simple methods.  It's not complicated.  It's not a secret.  We want to help you realize that you have the ability to prepare tasty, nourishing meals at home.  

We'll take some traditional key ingredients and concepts and re-imagine them to create innovative and exciting dishes.  Plus, we'll give you the recipes so you'll be able to prepare each of these tasty, crowd-pleasing courses for yourself! Bring a Farmhouse spin to your Holiday table or provide some pizzazz to the family pot-luck this year!

Presented by FHK Leader and Food Innovator, Tracy Sustello and Culinary Crafter, Jamie Mack with support from the entire kitchen crew

Motherhood: A Natural Approach to Pregnancy & Birth

December 12, 2017

Women have been giving birth since the dawn of humanity, yet it's not a topic that’s always talked about openly and honestly, let alone something we feel inclined to educate ourselves about.  We want to change that.  There's a lot of mystery, confusion, and misinformation associated with the details of having a baby.  This Farmhouse Classroom event will be loaded with invaluable information about the process of childbirth to help you feel more prepared and confident about the idea of starting a family of your own.  Whether you or someone close to you is currently planning to get pregnant or it’s a possible life goal for the distant future, you will receive many practical tidbits from this panel of incredibly knowledgeable and experienced women.

For this panel, we will be discussing:     How to prepare and nourish the body for pregnancy, Physical and mental aspects of a healthy pregnancy, Building your personal support system, Formulating a birthing plan and understanding the range of choices surrounding different delivery methods.


Dr. Sarah Balthaser, DC, MPH, (Doctor of Chiropractic, Master of Public Health) owner and founder of Core Health Chiropractic

Tracy Sensenig, owner Doulas of Berks County, Labor and Postpartum Doula, Certified Lactation Counselor, Childbirth Educator - 

Danielle Malik, CPM (Certified Professional Midwife)

Pregnancy Panel Resource List

coffee cupping.jpg

Take a Sip Series: Coffee Tasting & Class w/ Passenger Coffee

December 5, 2917

Justin Smay of Passenger Coffee out of Lancaster will be stopping by to give us an education and new appreciation for one of our favorite beverages.

As we discuss fair wages in coffee production and the various steps required to cultivate and process coffee; we'll taste some of the most prestigious coffees from around the world, including a coffee from an award winning producer in Hawaii, the elegant Gesha variety from two producers, and a dry-processed coffee from Boquete Panama

Tea 101.2 .jpg

Take a Sip Series: Tea 101 w/ Kari Dandrea of Pureblend

November 19, 2017

Come join us for a relaxing and educational afternoon Farmhouse Classroom event.   We'll be tasting some different teas and some tasty mini morsels will be served. Pinkies up!  Kari will help you develop your knowledge of the most popular beverage in the world! 

What is tea? Where does it come from? What are the different varieties and their distinctive qualities? What's a tisane? Loose leaf or bagged?  What are the health benefits of drinking tea? 

Check out pure:blend

mental health.jpg

Meet the Healers: Finding Peace of Mind

October 26, 2017

The connection between mental wellness and physical health is sometimes overlooked in our modern society.

An experienced panel of mental health professionals will discuss natural healing methods to ease stress, anxiety, depression and other disruptors of emotional balance and well-being.

Featured Panelists:

Craig R. Schollenberger, LCSW BCD RTC

Joanna Groebel MA, R-DMT, LPC

Julie Gabriel, MSW LSW RYT

Jennifer Bottinelli, LPC


Eating for Health - Rethinking Eating Habits

October 17, 2017

Cultivating a healthy relationship with food is an important aspect of living a happier and more energetic life.    Come to this class if you are curious about these questions: 

Does what I eat really affect my health?     If I want to improve my eating habits, where/how do I start?   Why is it that when I go on a diet, I eventually gain back the weight?    What does "eating healthier" look like?   Why should I care about Nutrition?   Should I be counting calories?  How many meals per day should I be eating?   Is snacking OK?   Is it "normal" to have digestive issues? 

Presented by Courtney Shober, Certified Integrative Health Coach & Education Coordinator at The Farmhouse Kitchen

sharing ideas.jpg

Farmhouse Classroom Community Forum

October 3, 2017

It's important to us to stay in tune with the members of our FHK community.  We want to hear from you!   How can we serve you better? What concerns do you have surrounding living a healthier existence?  What health, wellness, and clean living topics would you like to learn more about?

Join the discussion as we brainstorm and take suggestions for future Farmhouse Classroom events.


Dirt: Digging Deeper - An Evening w/ Pete Halvorson of EatMoGreens

September 28, 2017

It's a troubling reality that sickness and disease have become commonplace in today's society.  Over decades of progress in science, technology, and medicine our fast pace often overshadows how important our connection to the plant world is to our Health.   

Pete will share his knowledge and passion as he discusses the following:

What do the microscopic creatures in the soil have to do with our health?   How do plants grow and thrive?   What is the relationships between plants and the animals, including humans that eat them?   How have GMOs evolved over time?  How can we take responsibility of our own health and longevity?  Looking for a new-found respect and fascination for photosynthesis?  Search over. 

Check out EatMoGreens

meet the healers.jpg

Meet the Healers Night

September 19, 2017

Why Does it Hurt?

We've become accustom to instant gratification.  Seeking relief from pain and illness is no exception.  We want a magic pill that cures everything that's wrong - right now!  Unfortunately, this kind of prescription rarely solves our problems.  It may ease the symptoms a bit, but how often do we or our health care practitioners ask WHY?  Why am I feeling sick?  Why is my health suffering?  There are plenty of capable healers right in our back yard.  These individuals take the time and care to investigate into the depths of our health.

Join us as we introduce you to a diverse and knowledgeable panel of passionate health & wellness providers. 

  • Hear how they found themselves in their chosen profession

  • Learn how they increase quality of life for their clients and patients

  • Discover what Integrative Health is and what it means to them in their various areas of expertise

  • Ask questions and join in the conversation!

Featured Panelists:

Trina C. Ridout, MD, M.Ed., Family Medicine resident, Lancaster General Health and Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200)

Jason E. Balthaser, DC CCEP at Core Health Chiropractic

Henriette Alban, Doctor of Naturopathy at Living in Balance

Courtney Shober, Certified Integrative Health Coach and Education Coordinator at The Farmhouse Kitchen

lunch box.jpg

The Farmhouse Classroom Presents...a special back-to-school event for parents!

Re-Think Safe & Wholesome Food for Kids

September 12, 2017

Abnormal reactions to all kinds of everyday foods are on the rise.  Chances are that at least 2 kids in every classroom are affected, a 50% increase over the past decade.  We'll explore the differences between food allergies, intolerances and sensitivities, providing valuable information for the parents of all children.  

What you'll learn:

What are High Risk or Trigger Foods?   What are common symptoms?   What happens after a diagnosis?   How and where to shop for allergen-free food alternatives and ingredients.   Quick, easy, and affordable food prep suggestions to power any kid through their school day

Featured panelists:

Sharon Moll, Owner of A Mother's Dream Bakery

Jennifer Moll, RN

Stacy Keely, Field and Forest Herbals

Cherise Harper, Chapter leader for the Weston A. Price Foundation and gluten-free blogger at

Healthy Eating Resource Guide

Other Events...


COOKING CLASSES are planned in our kitchen. We will showcase our kitchen staff and guest instructors. 

KITCHEN TAKEOVERS. Guest chefs sharing their talents and showcasing their skills through demos and dinners. There are also Farm to Table subscription dinners in our future.

SPECIAL EVENTS: Fun interactive hang-outs. Meet up with friends, neighbors, and learn something new.