John Anderson

-Local Gardener & Farmhouse Compost Man

In 2007, my wife, two step children and I bought an old stone home in Exeter. I always enjoyed gardening but in 2016 I became a stay at home dad after 28 years of welding. Being home allowed me more time to research different gardening methods, which led to researching permaculture and composting.  Through this research, I became passionate about growing food the way nature intended and wanted to create a sustainable homestead.  

After reading The Farmhouse Kitchen's mission statement, I reached out to Martie and Joel to see if I could grow produce or microgreens for them or take the discarded juice pulp and coffee grounds from the business for composting.  It turns out they were looking for someone to take their food waste. A fruitful relationship was established, and on the day of their unveiling we took 65 pounds of food scraps away. 

I am in awe at the design of nature and its built-in sustainability. I love watching compost break down and produce grow and flourish. I enjoy building, creating and re-purposing things. My greatest pleasure though is providing my family with nutrient dense produce homegrown and sustained on our land.